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Our Services
100% Price Guaranty

If you live in our Humboldt County service area, your price with Ayres Family Cremation is guaranteed to be the most reasonable in the county for the Direct Cremation Package. Our total charge is $752.00. We will never charge you more for items such as viewing prior to cremation, being present during the cremation or a fee for quick service, as other local companies do. An added benifit is that you are always being served by a local family, not an out of state chain operation.

Direct Cremations Basic Package Details

From the time you place a call for service to our office, until the time we return the cremated remains to you, we will be available for you, 24 hours a day.

Some of the services we provide include:
 Removal of the deceased from the place of death and transportation to our onsite crematory.
 Refrigeration, as required by law, of the deceased until the time of cremation.
 Conference with family in our office regarding direct cremation or direct burial.
 Preparation and delivery of original death certificate to doctor.
 Filing of original death certificate with County's Office of Vital Statistics.
 Cremation with an alternative cremation container.
 Notification of death to the Social Security Administration.
 Return of cremated remains at our office to the family in a temporary urn.
 Conference with family regarding how to access forms necessary for Veteran's Benefits, including but     not limited to obtaining a Veteran's flag.
 Provide family with a Certificate of Cremation from the crematory.

Direct Burial Basic Package Details

Our direct burial service is priced at $977.00 but includes a minimum cloth covered casket and delivery to a local cemetery, instead of cremation in an alternative container.

Phone: 707-269-7160

Fax: 707-269-7165

E-mail: info@ayrescremation.com

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