Ayers Family Cremation Service In Humboldt County

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Why pay funeral home prices for direct cremation services?  Call us today!

(707) 269-7160
We offer 24 hour service

Urns, Memorial Jewelry, and a very limited selection of Caskets (for those requesting direct burial). You may provide your own cremation container or casket if you wish.

All of the above items are available through our service. Being direct cremation specialists, our role is to offer you the most affordable option.

You are not required to purchase a casket for cremation. Urns are available, but can be purchased anywhere. Jewelry and other memorial items are available for sale if you wish to purchase them.

Basically, we are here to help you, not to talk you into purchasing items that you don't want. We will be glad to get you anything you do want, but it is not our practice to "push" these items on you in your hour of need.


2620 Jacobs Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501

Phone • 707-269-7160

Fax • 707-269-7165

E-mail: ayrescremation@gmail.com

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